10 Nov 2010 17:09

Belarus reduces oil refining 26% in 10 mths

MINSK. Nov 10 (Interfax) - Belarusian oil refineries reduced refining 26% in January-October year-on-year to 13.256 million tonnes of crude, national statistics committee Belstat told Interfax.

Primary oil refining declined 4.8% in October year-on-year to 1.449 million tonnes.

Belarus' two refineries - Naftan and Mozyr Oil Refinery - produced 2.526 million tonnes of gasoline in the 10 months (9% less year-on-year), 4.336 million tonnes of diesel fuel (20.6% less), 3.540 million tonnes of fuel oil (40.4% less) and 0.108 million tonnes (5.3% more).

Production in October amounted to 327,100 tonnes of gasoline (78.3% more than in October 2009), 529,400 tonnes of diesel fuel (27% more), 357,100 tonnes of fuel oil (22.5% less) and 9,400 tonnes lubricants (12.6% more).

The decline reflects Russia's decision to charge its usual export duty on about 70% of the 21.5 million tonnes of crude oil it is scheduled to export to Belarus under the balance for 2010. No duty was charged on 6.3 million tonnes. Minsk said it planned to reduce refining to 15.8 million tonnes, the minimum amount that will enable the refineries to operate at a profit. However, the refineries began operating at full capacity in October thanks to crude oil deliveries from Venezuela.

Belarus produced 1.417 million tonnes of oil in the first 10 months of 2010, 1.2% less year-on-year. Russia delivered 10.182 million tonnes in the period, 43% less. Oil imports from Venezuela began in May 2010.