11 Nov 2010 11:24

Shanxi may face power shortages this winter- SPC

Shanghai. November 11. INTERFAX-CHINA - Shanxi Power Corp. (SPC) warned on Nov. 10 that Shanxi Province may be hit with power shortages during the upcoming winter peak power consumption period after the demand for heating and energy from the industrial sector began surging in mid October.

SPC also noted that the central government's efforts to shut down small-scale thermal power generators have affected the power generation capacity of some power plants in Shanxi.

By the end of this year, the province's power generation capacity may be short by between five to six million kilowatts (kW), or up to 25 percent of the province's total power demand, SPC said.

In the event of shortages, SPC said that it would restrict power consumption in some industrial sectors but would ensure sufficient supplies to residential consumers and key public agencies such as hospitals, schools and financial institutions.