11 Nov 2010 13:07

MSCI includes Transneft on MSCI Russia Standard with share weighting at 0.8%

GENEVA. Nov 11 (Interfax) - MSCI Barra, following a semiannual review of its indexes, has included Transneft's preferred shares on the MSCI Russia Standard Index.

Transneft's share weighting will come to 0.81% on the index.

The weighting on the MSCI Russia Standard for shares in Inter RAO UES and TMK's GDRs went up by 0.05% to 0.61% and 0.03% to 0.5%, respectively.

Russian companies that saw their weighting suffer from the inclusion of Transneft on the index were Gazprom , down 0.23% to 25.33%, Sberbank - down 0.12% to 12.79% and Lukoil - 0.11% to 11.8%. The weighting for shares in MMC Norilsk Nickel , Rosneft , Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), Surgutneftegas , Tatneft and Magnit moved down by 0.06%-0.02%.

At the same time, Transneft's prefs were added to MSCI Russia Large Cap Index (weighting - 0.84%). In addition, shares in Polymetal were transferred from MSCI Russia Mid Cap to the MSCI Russia Large Cap Index with a weighting of 0.75%. The increase in Polymetal's share status, which accounted for 19.03% on this index, resulted in a substantial rebalancing: the weighting of shares in Inter RAO UES went up by 4.53% to 19.1% and Wimm-Bill-Dann - up 3.69% to 21.93%. At the same time, the weighting for TMK's GDRs, as well as shares in OGK-4, Raspadskaya and Comstar-UTS, became heavier on the MSCI Russia Mid Cap.

The MSCI Russia IMI included the shares of OJSC OGK-2 (OGKB) (weight - 0.35%), Mosenergosbyt (MSSB) (0.05%), Pharmacy Chain 36.6 (0.07%). Shares in Vozrozhdenie Bank were excluded from the index.

The change on the indexes comes into force as of December 1.