15 Nov 2010 20:13

Medvedev urges WTO accession compromise with EU

GORKI. Nov 15 (Interfax) - The remaining issues at Russia's WTO accession talks with the European Union should be tackled fairly quickly but without hindrances to business, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, meeting with First Prime Minister Igor Shuvaov on Monday.

Shuvalov will travel to Brussels soon ahead of the Russia-EU summit with Russia's WTO accession among the issues on its agenda.

"Several issues still have to be solved," Shuvalov said, adding that Europeans were most worried about Russian timber exports and timber customs tariffs.

"As accession to the WTO is a more significant task, we have been searching for compromise solutions that would take into account the interests of investors who have already invested their money and the interests of enterprises in EU member-states," Shuvalov said.

"We will take our proposals to Brussels where we will talk them over with EU officials soon. I hope that an ultimate agreement will be reached during your talks in Brussels," Shuvaov said.

Medvedev, for his part, remarked that he had brought up the issue during his recent meeting with the Finnish president and said that "a compromise needs to be found".

"We need to cover the remaining part of the way fairly quickly but take care not to create major obstacles that could hinder communication with our leading partners in the EU. I expect the government to find a compromise," the president said.

"We hope your talks in Brussels will draw the line," Shuvalov remarked.