17 Nov 2010 09:01

MoH sets targets for chronic disease campaign

Shanghai. November 17. INTERFAX-CHINA - The Ministry of Health (MoH) on Nov. 16 issued a set of targets for a national campaign to improve chronic disease treatment which will take place in 47 counties and districts on a trial basis.

China's central government has allocated a total of RMB 11.86 million ($1.78 million) to support the campaign, which was announced in September this year. Local governments are required to contribute additional funding.

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, tumors, diabetes and other non-communicable, chronic illnesses are covered in the campaign.

According to the targets, at least 70 percent of the trial population should receive education on preventative measures for chronic diseases and have their blood pressure taken, while at least 30 percent should have their blood sugar level checked.

In addition, at least 60 percent of hypertension and diabetes patients and 50 percent of key cancer patients should receive early diagnosis and treatment.

The regions involved must compile basic medical records for residents and set up a monitoring system for chronic diseases. Local centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) should set up chronic diseases prevention departments, and grassroots medical institutions should designate individuals to coordinate the campaign.

The initiative also includes a general health campaign which will focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and suggests an average salt intake of less than 8 grams daily.

Grassroots government agencies and schools in particular should provide lectures and advice on chronic disease diagnosis and treatment.

Employers are required to screen workers for high-risk cases, and medical institutions should offer to measure weight and blood sugar levels for patients over the age of 35.

- KZ