30 Nov 2010 11:02

Russia to set standard export duty of $303.8, discounted $108/tonne in Dec

MOSCOW. Nov 30 (Interfax) - The export duty on Russian crude oil will rise to $303.8/tonne on December 1, from $290.6 at present.

A government decree on this was signed on November 27.

The discounted export duty on East Siberian oil and, for the first time, Caspian oil, will be $108 a tonne in December. The duty on East Siberian oil is currently $98.8 a tonne. The discounted duty on Caspian oil will be effective from December 8.

The duty on light petroleum products will be $217/tonne on December 1, and that on dark products $116.9, up from $208.1 and $112.1, respectively, at present.

The duty on liquefied hydrocarbon gases will rise to $118.1 from $116.4 a tonne.