6 Dec 2010 18:15

Dollar barely changes position on MICEX, euro posts losses

MOSCOW. Dec 6 (Interfax) - The U.S. dollar went practically unchanged on Monday while the euro posted noticeable losses on the MICEX following its decrease on the international forex. The Russian ruble posted steady gains against the Central Bank's bi-currency basket (set at 0.45 euro and $0.55). Market experts said that the ruble has the potential for further gains against the indicator.

The dollar edged up by only 0.5 of a kopecks to finish at 31.29 rubles/$1 while the euro declined by 20.74 kopecks to end the day at 41.5575 rubles/EUR1.

The bi-currency basket went down by nine kopecks and closed at 35.91 rubles.

The dollar's weighted-average exchange rate on MICEX went up by 1.7 kopecks to 31.3011 rubles/$1 in Today deals and 0.38 kopecks to 31.2954 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow deals. Combined dollar trading on MICEX amounted to $4.275 billion; of which $1.203 million were Today deals and $3.072 billion were Tomorrow deals.

The euro's average weighted rate went up by 36.33 kopecks to 41.7338 kopecks/EUR1 in Today deals and 19.41 kopecks to 41.6513 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow deals. Combined euro trading amounted to 325.9 million euro, of which 112.1 million euro were Today deals and 213.8 million euro were Tomorrow deals.

The overnight MosPrime Rate came to 2.88%, down for the day by seven basis points.