16 Dec 2010 13:43

Kushchyovskaya massacre signals failure of entire law enforcement system - Putin

MOSCOW. Dec 16 (Interfax) - The recent incidents in the village of Kushchyovskaya in the Krasnodar territory and Gus-Khrustalny in the Vladimir region signal the failure of the entire law enforcement system in Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

"As for the horrible situation in Kushchyovskaya, and also in Gus-Khrustalny, the matter is not only about the police but also about the fact that all bodies of power proved to be incapable," he said during his live annual televised question-and-answer session on Thursday.

Not only police are to blame, Putin said. "Where are prosecution agencies, the FSB [Federal Security Service], the FSKN [the Federal Drug Control Service], and courts?" he said.

"I believe this is the failure of the entire law enforcement system. And where were the local bodies of government? Did they really not see anything?" he said.

Twelve dead bodies were found in a two-storey house owned by the Ametovs on Zelyonaya street in Kushchevskaya village. The victims were identified as local farmer Serever Ametov, his wife, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, as well as the family's guests from Rostov-on-Don - entrepreneur Vladimir Mironenko, his wife, two daughters and his wife's parents. All accomplices in the killing of 12 people in Kuschevskaya have been detained/

Vladimir region prosecutor's office has identified serious shortcomings in the operations of the local police in the town of Gus-Khrustalny and the surrounding district.

"The inspection identified abuses related to the registration of crimes, belated pre-investigation probes and unjustifiably long criminal cases," its report says.

"It also identified instances of illegal decisions to suspend proceedings on a number of cases on material and violent crimes against individuals. The checks identified 13 concealed crimes, including extortion, drug trafficking and damaging personal property," the prosecutor's office reports.

Based on the inspection the prosecutor's office intends to bring criminal changes against police officials in Gus-Khrustalny.