17 Dec 2010 17:37

Russian meat, egg production up, milk down with crops in 11 mnths - Rosstat

MOSCOW. Dec 17 (Interfax) - Russia produced 9.3% more meat, 3.2% more eggs, but 1.7% less milk, and 12.4% less crop products in January-November, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported on Friday.

Farms of all category produced 9.1 million live-weight tonnes of livestock and poultry for slaughter during the eleven months, 37.4 billion eggs, but 29.9 million tonnes of milk.

Agricultural output dropped to 2.290 trillion rubles worth of product.

Meat production increased 2.5% to 1.3 million tonnes just in the month of November, egg production 1.9% to 3.1 billion eggs; but milk production was down 0.4% at 2 million tonnes and agricultural output 4% at 256.9 billion rubles worth.

There were 20.5 million head of cattle at farms of all categories at the end of November (3.3% fewer year-on-year), of which 8.8 million head were cows (2.1% fewer). Russia' had 18 million hogs (1.2% fewer), and 22.4 million sheep and goats (3.1%).

Private households had 48.2% of the cattle, 34.1% of the hogs, 51.9% of the sheep and goats (respectively 48.8%, 36.2%, and 50.8% at end-November 2009).

As of December 1, grains and legumes had been threshed from 76% of the fields, grain corn from 58.3%. Potatoes had been dug from 95.1% of the area planted, vegetables from 97%, sugar beet from 79.1% (93.3% by this time last year), and sunflower from 76.8% of the fields.

Farms of all categories (agricultural organizations, farms, household gardens) had milled 63.4 million initial-bunker-weight tonnes of grain (102.6 million tonnes last year) and 5.3 million tonnes of sunflower (6.4 million tonnes), and had dug 21.9 million tonnes of sugar beet (24.5 million tonnes) and 21 million tonnes of potatoes (30.9 million tonnes), and harvested 12 million tonnes of vegetables (13.3 million tonnes).

As in previous years, the bulk of the grain (77.1%), sugar beet (89.2%), and sunflower were cultivated at agricultural organizations. The main producers of potatoes (84.3%) and vegetables (72%) were households.

Farmers gathered 21.9% of the overall grain harvest, 10.3% of the sugar beet, and 11.4% of the vegetables (respectively 20.9%, 9.8%, and 10.3% in 2009).

Agricultural organizations had as of December 1 planted 11.1 million hectares of winter grain, 17.8% less than a year previously, and 21.2 million hectares of fields had been readied for planting (20.8 million hectares one year prior).