23 Dec 2010 18:27

Euro drops, dollar holds on MICEX Thursday

MOSCOW. Dec 23 (Interfax) - The dollar took the slightest dip and the euro lost more appreciable ground in Thursday MICEX trading, while the ruble continued to climb against the bicurrency basket amid persistent high oil prices worldwide.

The dollar ended the trading day down just half a kopeck at 30.61/rubles/$1. The euro lost 27.39 kopecks over the trading day to close at 40.0199 rubles/EUR1.

The ruble continued its rise against the bicurrency basket ($0.55 and EUR 0.45), which lost 13 kopecks on the day to close at 34.84 rubles.

The average weighted dollar rate slipped 8.67 kopecks from Wednesday close to 30.6174 rubles/$1 in Today and 7.63 kopecks to 30.6247 rubles/$1 in Tomorrow trades on the MICEX. Dollar trading combined to $5.390 billion, with $1.281 billion in Today and $4.109 billion in Tomorrow deals.

The average weighted euro rate lost 20.38 kopecks to 40.1503 rubles/EUR1 in Today and 21.62 kopecks to 40.1307 rubles/EUR1 in Tomorrow exchanges. MICEX euro trading combined to EUR 371 million, with EUR 104 million in Today and EUR 267 million in Tomorrow trades.

The overnight MosPrime Rate was 2.91% per annum, up 2 basis points from the previous day's close.