17 Jan 2011 15:32

Belarusian oil refineries working at full capacity; no preparations to reduce workload

MINSK. Jan 17 (Interfax) - Belarusian oil refineries are working at full production capacity despite the lack of Russian crude oil supplies, a source from the oil processing industry told Interfax.

"Today, both Mozyr [the Mozyr oil refinery] and Naftan are working at 100% capacity, that is to say the plants are processing approximately 30,000 tonnes of oil per day each," the source said.

Neither the oil refineries, nor their parent company Belneftekhim had any measures in place to reduce the workload to the optimal technological level, he said.

At the same time, working schemes involving a minimum workload do exist, they were prepared last year when Russian oil supplies to Belarusian oil refineries dropped significantly and there was no alternative supply, the source said

Today, the stock of crude oil at both Belarusian oil refineries allow both plants to work at full capacity "until the middle of next week," the Belarusian source said. Thus, he once again confirmed the company's statement whereby the crude oil stocks available by January 6 should be enough for 20-22 days of smooth operation at maximum capacity.