25 Jan 2011 13:49

Medvedev calls for tougher inspections for passengers at airports

MOSCOW. Jan 25 (Interfax) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has asked the government to prepare proposals to toughen passengers' inspections at airports.

"We will have to put in place a much tougher inspection system, total inspections. It will likely take passengers longer, but it's the only way out," Medvedev said at a meeting in the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Medvedev asked the government to prepare proposals on how to "organize this process."

As an example, Medvedev mentioned Israel and the U.S., where passengers are subjected to lengthy inspections.

"The level of terrorist threats in Russia is higher than in the U.S.," Medvedev said.

The Domodedovo Airport bombing is "a very tough challenge" for Russian society and the state, Medvedev said.

Medvedev said he has tasked the government, the Prosecutor General's Office, and the investigative bodies with investigating this "horrific crime."

"Terrorism remains the main threat to the security of our state and all citizens," Medvedev said.