4 Jun 2012 19:23

Retired colonel charged with treason faces 13 years behind bars

MOSCOW. June 4 (Interfax) - Retired Federal Security Service (FSB) Colonel Valery Mikhailov faces over 13 years in a maximum security colony on charges of passing state secrets to the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

"During the presentation of the case, the prosecution insisted that Mikhailov was guilty of committing treason and demanded 13 years and four months in a maximum security prison for him," Irina Zhirnova, the Moscow District Military Court's press secretary, has told Interfax.

The prosecution also demanded a 500,000-ruble penalty, the confiscation of immovable property, and stripping the retired officer of his rank and state awards.

The preliminary investigation confirmed that Mikhailov had initiated contacts with CIA representatives in Moscow and passed them classified data, Zhirnova said.

The defense sought a milder sentence of 6 years in a maximum security colony without property confiscation.

The verdict will be announced on June 6.