2 Oct 2012 16:54

Zuckerberg meets with Yandex chief - source

MOSCOW. Oct 2 (Interfax) - During his visit to Moscow, founder and chief of the world's largest social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has met with Yandex general director Arkady Volozh, a source familiar with the situation told Interfax.

Representatives of Yandex, Russia's largest Internet search engine and portal, are not commenting on this meeting.

Zuckerberg arrived in Moscow on Sunday. He met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday. At this meeting he said that he has high regards for the potential of Russian programmers and should be discussing with them the development of new applications for Facebook.

Medvedev's Press Secretary Natalya Timakova told the press that the prime minister and Facebook founder had talked about the development of the IT business in Russia and possible interaction between the U.S. company and a number of Skolkovo startups.

"The possible presence of Facebook in Russia not as just a social network, but as a company working with the most cutting-edge products" was discussed, Timakova said. She did not comment on whether it was discussed at the meeting if Facebook is interested in any particular Russian Internet companies.

Yandex announced yesterday the creation of its own Internet browser. In an interview given to the business daily Vedomosti published Tuesday, Volozh said that Yandex will be offering major social networks partnership in the development of services built into the browser. "We ourselves will be proposing such partnerships to major services. With satisfaction we will talk about this with V Kontakte, and with Odnoklassniki, and with Facebook, and with others, Volozh said.