6 Sep 2017 17:09

Russians in Myanmar cautioned against visiting crowded places

MOSCOW. Sept 6 (Interfax) - The Russian embassy in Myanmar has called on the Russians who remain in the country to exercise vigilance and avoid visiting crowded places.

"Due to the increase in the level of terrorist danger, we call on the Russian citizens remaining in Myanmar to exercise vigilance and avoid crowded places, if possible," the Russian diplomatic mission said in a statement on its Facebook page.

"We recommend always carrying mobile communication devices," the statement said.

The embassy said that Myanmar authorities issued a warning on September 5 "about an increasing threat of terrorist attacks by extremist forces associated with the underground groups that are active in the national region of Rakhine."

"Relevant Myanmar agencies have information about militants' plans to carry out terrorist attacks using explosive devices against civilians in the country's large cities, including Naypyidaw, Jangon, and Mandalay," the report said.

"The authorities are tightening security to prevent such developments," the Russian embassy said.

According to earlier reports, Myanmar authorities are conducting an operation in Rakhine State against the Rohingya people, whom they consider Islamic militants and whom Myanmar media have called 'Bengali terrorists.' This has resulted in the death of 400 people, including 350 Rohingya.

The conflict between the Rohingya and Burmese, who are Buddhists, has smoldered for many years in Rakhine State.

The Rohingya consider themselves an indigenous people of today's Myanmar Rakhine State, although most historians believe they moved to Myanmar when it was still a British colony. The authorities and people of Myanmar, where the main religion is Buddhism, consider Rohingya Muslims illegal migrants from Bangladesh and therefore deny them citizenship.