6 Sep 2017 19:45

Tajik civil servants banned from expressing opinions if they differ from state policy

DUSHANBE. Sept 6 (Interfax) - A new version of the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants has been approved in Tajikistan, local media said.

The document orders civil servants to be modest and avoid diminishing the prestige of the state. According to the document, civil servants should not express their opinion on issues of national policy and their duties if it is contrary to the main policy lines of the state, they said.

The Tajik president signed the new version of the code as early as August 11, but it was not accessible, the media said.

"According to provisions of the code, civil servants must refrain from the use of their official status and manifestations of self-interest and vanity at places of trade, service, and other public areas. Civil servant must not use an official car provided to them for private purposes and for the benefit of family members and avoid nepotism, localism, and protection, as well as corrupt actions, when recruiting and appointing personnel," the ASIA-Plus news agency said.

The code also stipulates that civil servants have the right to hold working meetings and negotiations with foreign citizens only in accordance with the established procedure and must avoid diminishing the prestige of state bodies and the Republic of Tajikistan while contacting them, as well as refrain from discussing issues outside the realm of their official duties.

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