6 Sep 2017 21:12

Donetsk expects Kuchma to fulfill promise, clarify Kyiv's stance on Donbas special status at next Minsk meeting

DONETSK. Sept 6 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian side in the contact group's political subgroup has confirmed that it would present its stance on the issues of the effect of Donbas' special status by the next meeting, Natalya Nikonorova, the acting foreign minister of the self-proclaimed Donbas People's Republic (DPR), said.

"Ukraine's representative in the contact group Leonid Kuchma was forced to confirm that the Ukrainian side would present its stance on all issues of the effect of the law on Donbas' special status by the next meeting. However, there has already been a precedent of Mr. Kuchma promising to present Ukraine's written stance on forms of the elections at the next meeting this January, but that never happened," Nikanorova's press service cited her as saying.

Nikanorova said she hopes that answers to the main question on the political agenda, granting special status to Donbas, would be given at the next meeting, giving the parties an opportunity to proceed to a constructive discussion of the diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Donbas.

The Ukrainian representatives failed to present an official stance on any issue at today's meeting of the working group for political affairs, she said.

"Even though Kyiv has not actually implemented any provision of the Minsk Package, the Ukrainian side voiced hypocritical statements that they fulfilled all their obligations under the Minsk Agreements," Nikanorova said.