11 Sep 2017 10:38

Russian military delivers humanitarian aid to Syria's al-Rastan

HAMA (Syria). Sept 11 (Interfax) - Servicemen of the Russian center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria have delivered four tonnes of food and 500 kilograms of medicine to the civilian population of al-Rastan, a city held by fighters of the armed Syrian opposition in the Homs de-escalation area.

The Russian truck convoy arrived to al-Rastan from the north, by the road connecting the administrative centers of the Hama and Homs provinces. The trucks were loaded with flour, sugar, food care packages, and medicines.

"Humanitarian aid is being distributed among al-Rastan civilians. [...] We are handing out food care packages, bags of flour and sugar, and essential goods. [...] In all, we have brought four tonnes of food and 500 kilograms of medicine, and a medical station will be set up here shortly," the center's Alexander Sazonov said.

The center is set to increase humanitarian supplies to the Homs de-escalation area, Sazonov said.

Russia is helping locals reopen medical facilities, according to Vladimir Korzovatykh, a representative of the center's medical division. A hospital will open in al-Rastan soon, he said.