11 Sep 2017 17:02

United Democrats win over 260 seats in Moscow municipal assemblies - Gudkov

MOSCOW. Sept 11 (Interfax) - Over 260 members of the United Democrats team, which comprised members of the Yabloko, Parnas parties, the Communist Party of Russia and independent candidates, were elected municipal deputies in Moscow according to the results of the September 10 election, the organizer of the coalition, opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov said.

"According to the latest data, we have 266 deputies in 62 neighborhoods," Gudkov told reporters.

He said that eight of his associates had already been municipal deputies in the Shchukino neighborhood.

In March 2017, Gudkov said that he had opened a website with a search database of candidates to Moscow municipal deputies.

With Guskov's backing, candidates from any party sharing his views and willing to support his nomination for Moscow mayor in the 2018 election could be nominated.

Overall, Dmitry Gudkov's staff supported 821 candidates, aiming to have them elected as deputies in 110 councils, whose signatures are needed to clear the municipal filter at the Moscow mayoral election.

Gudkov earlier stated his intention to seek the mayoral nomination from the Yabloko party, whileits Moscow office head Sergei Mitrokhin also expects to be nominated from the party. A candidate is planned to be elected in the course of debates and approved at the Yabloko congress.