14 Sep 2017 17:33

Situation around anonymous bomb threat calls "telephone terrorism" - Kremlin

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin was immediately informed about a series of hoax calls about threats of explosions in Russian regions, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"Certainly, this is telephone terrorism, telephone hooliganism. The president was informed of course as soon as this spate of hooliganism calls began. Relevant agencies are taking all necessary measures to identify those behind this series of calls," Peskov said, commenting on the situation around the anonymous calls that prompted evacuations in Russian regions.

"We are waiting for results of this work," Peskov said.

There is no point in commenting on the media theories as to where these calls might have come from, he said. "There is absolutely no point in commenting on these speculations. This is telephone terrorism, and that's exactly how it should be classified," Peskov said, noting that measures are being taken to identify the culprits.

"Any interpretations will be hardly acceptable here, what is necessary here is to wait for the specific results of current measures. Discussing certain theories is irrelevant," he said.