15 Sep 2017 11:54

N. Korea situation on brink of military conflict, Moscow-Beijing initiative needs support - Kosachyov

MOSCOW. Sept 15 (Interfax) - Moscow hopes that the United States and its allies will take the path proposed in the Russia-China roadmap to resolve the North Korea problem, which is about to turn from a political altercation into a military conflict, Konstantin Kosachyov, Chairman of the Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee, told reporters in Moscow on Friday.

"I'd like to believe that the United States, South Korea, and Japan will sooner or later take the path suggested by Russia and China to achieve simultaneous de-escalation on both tracks: on the North Korean side, a de-intensification of their nuclear program and missile launches, and as concerns the activity of Western countries," Kosachyov said in his comments on the latest missile launch by Pyongyang.

There is no other option, Kosachyov said. "Hopefully, Pyongyang and Washington realize that," he said.

"We should absolutely not get accustomed to this situation, as we are actually on the brink of the political conflict's transformation into a military one," Kosachyov said.