17 Sep 2017 20:47

Russia developing new MANPADS capable of overcoming anti-missile laser systems - general designer

KOLOMNA, Moscow region. Sept 17 (Interfax) - The Machine Design Bureau (KBM) is constantly working to create new generations of man-portable air defense missile systems (MANPADS), KBM general designer Valery Kashin told journalists on Thursday.

"Since creating Strela-2 in 1967, our enterprise has not spent a single day without working to develop MANPADS further. Having created one complex, we had a whole host of developments and were thinking of further development," Kashin, who celebrated his 70th birthday on Thursday, said.

This work has been going nonstop because of continual efforts to counter MANPADs, he said. Just like in Russia, companies in Europe, America Israel are using developments in these areas primarily to create new generations of MANPADS.

At the same time, foreign countries, thanks to the export proliferation of Russian weapons, are well informed about the characteristics of modern Russian MANPADs. "Understanding where they are heading to and how they work, we are creating the next MANPADS that covers their developments. The pressing issue right now is jamming resistance: overcoming new interferences created to counter the existing generations of MANPADs. Entirely different countermeasures are being created, including with the use of lasers, so we are moving farther still," Kashin said.