24 Sep 2017 21:25

German ambassador forecasts high continuity of course in Russian-German relations

MOSCOW. Sept 24 (Interfax) - German Ambassador to Russia Rudiger von Fritsch states high continuity of the course in Russian-German relations.

"Of course, I cannot anticipate the future federal government's work, but I have grounds to affirm that the continuity of our relations will be high. All parties in Germany have a consensus on the issue that good relations between Germany and Russia have no alternative," von Fritsch told Interfax, commenting on the exit poll results following the election to the Bundestag.

At the same time, the ambassador did not comment on accusations against Russia meddling in German election. "I believe that the evening with such good results is not an appropriate moment to deal with the issues, on which we can have differences in opinions," the German diplomatic mission head said.

Germany and Russia should seek for a solution to those issues, in which the two countries' views can differ, von Fritsch said.

"There are issues, in which there are still differences in opinions, where certain difficulties are being seen, we should make every effort to find a solution to these issues. At the same time, Germany will make every effort for those bridges, which we have established between our countries over the past decades, to be maintained and developed," he said.