27 Sep 2017 18:41

Madrid takes all measures to stop Catalonia independence referendum, trying to avoid bloodshed

MADRID. Sept 27 (Interfax) - The referendum on the Autonomous Region of Catalonia's independence from Spain is not going to be held, an official source close to the Spanish government circles said.

"No referendum will take place and we'll manage to organize a response if there is an attack on democracy," the source said, emphasizing that it is not the first time that Spanish democracy is attacked.

"All actions will be taken in order to prevent the vote from happening. It is a police issue how to do it. Everything is being done to prevent the crime from happening," the source said.

"All security and law enforcement agencies are trying to the last to avoid bloodshed," the official said in reply to an Interfax question.

Holding a plebiscite like this goes against the Spanish constitution, the source went on.

"The referendum has not been approved and will be considered against the law," the source said.

"Those people coming forward with illegal actions and making preparations for the referendum must be held accountable," the source added.

When commenting at the request of Interfax on the media reports alleging that Madrid was given green light from Brussels for stringent measures to keep Spain's territorial integrity, the source said: "No consultations with Brussels took place with respect to how we can or cannot act."

"I hope that on October 2, one can go back engaging in politics," the source concluded.