3 Oct 2017 10:58

Kyiv calls Catalan independence referendum illegal

KYIV. Oct 3 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has called the Catalan independence referendum illegal.

"Ukraine deems the October 1 referendum held by the Catalan authorities to be illegal; it was banned by the Constitutional Court of Spain because of non-compliance with the Spanish constitution," ministry spokesperson Mariana Betsa said in reply to a question from Interfax.

"We believe that Spain, a leader of the democratic world, relying on the solid foundation of democratic traditions and values which once ensured its peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy and eventually led to its accession to NATO and the EU, will resolve every pressing problem of its domestic political life in a democratic fashion," Betsa said.

Kyiv favors respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations within the limits of their internationally recognized borders and given compliance with fundamental principles and norms of international law, she said.

The Catalan independence referendum of October 1 saw fierce clashes between supporters of independent Catalonia and Spanish law enforcement. According to the media, more than 800 voters and 30 police officers needed medical assistance. There is preliminary information that 90% of voters supported independence for Catalonia.