3 Oct 2017 17:04

Bahrain terror attack draws strong condemnation from Moscow

MOSCOW. Oct 3 (Interfax) - The Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the terrorist attack in Bahrain and urged Bahraini society to consolidate in the name of renouncing violence.

"According to incoming information, on October 2, in the Northern province of the Kingdom of Bahrain, during events marking Shia Ashura Day, an improvised explosive device went off, causing various injuries to five police officers who were providing public order in said area," the ministry said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

"In view of the incident, we express our strong condemnation of any terrorist attack. What happened is a convincing proof of the need for Bahraini society to consolidate on the platform of renouncing violence and searching for mutual understanding for the steady socio-economic development of friendly Bahrain," the statement said.