5 Oct 2017 15:03

New type of terrorist activity, "budget terrorism," emerging in world - CIS Anti-Terrorism Center

BAKU. Oct 5 (Interfax) - A new type of terrorist activity has been emerging in the world, Marinna Kochubei, the Chairperson of the CIS Anti-Terrorism Committee's Scientific and Advisory Council, said at the Baku consultations of CIS security and law enforcement experts.

"A new type of terrorist activity, a so-called 'budget terrorism', is emerging right before our eyes," Kochubei said.

The growing military pressure on the ISIL terrorist organization (banned in Russia) and stricter border control have modified terrorist recruitment tactics, she said.

"On one hand, 'budget terrorism', is linked to international terrorist fighters' infiltration into other states, for instance, with the refugees fleeing to European countries, and, on the other hand, there is remote terrorist recruitment of citizens, who have never been to war zones in other countries before," Kochubei said.

These are sort of ISIL "fragments," Kochubei said. "As Europol has justly said in last year's report, the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels proved that terrorist cells controlled from Syria can count on the assistance of sympathizers in Europe, who have never been to Syria themselves," she said.

A special survey showed that many cases of recruitment to sleeper cells occur amongst the general population of penitentiaries by persons who once fought for international terrorist organizations abroad. Kochubei said. "To our knowledge, our Europol colleagues have come to a similar conclusion as a result of their analysis of diversification of tactics by terrorist organizations," she said.