12 Oct 2017 14:02

Turkish trade representation spells out new formalities for Russian agricultural exports

MOSCOW. Oct 12 (Interfax) - Turkey's new formalities for Russian agricultural exports stipulate selective inspections of Russian exporting enterprises, Turkey's trade representation in Moscow said in response to a request for information from Interfax.

"A company that intends to export agricultural production of Russian origin to Turkey must submit in advance a written application, in Turkish, to the trade representation of the Turkish embassy in Moscow or to the trade attache office at one of the Turkish consulates in Kazan, St. Petersburg or Novorossiisk, as well as a host of documents whose Turkish translations are notarized at the Turkish consulate," the statement says. "The translations must be performed by translators accredited in one of the consular departments located in Russia."

The documents will then be forwarded to the Turkish Economy Ministry for study.

"The Turkish Economy Ministry in studying the documents will carry out at its discretion on-site inspections of select enterprises of the Russian exporter. Final approval for an exporter in this case will be given based on the results of the inspection," the statement says.

After that, the exporter receiving approval from the Turkish Economy Ministry must apply with the trade representation or trade attache office where the documents were originally submitted to receive account certification on supply of its products.

"Subsequently, the exporting firms that have received permission from the Turkish Economy Ministry certify accounts to export production with the trade representation/trade attache office without undergoing the above-mentioned procedures," it said.

As earlier reported, Ankara introduced the new procedures on agricultural imports from Russia beginning on October 9. They apply to soft wheat, sunflower oil, corn, peas, rice, sunflower meal and hard wheat.

Russia's trade representation in Turkey plans to conduct talks with the Turkish Economy Ministry and Agriculture Ministry concerning the new requirements. Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev did not rule out introduction of reciprocal measures in regard to the agricultural products that Russia imports from Turkey.