12 Oct 2017 15:05

Kazakh import prices up 6.9%, export prices up 3.8% in Aug

ALMATY. Oct 12 (Interfax) - In August 2017, the prices for imported goods in Kazakhstan rose by 6.9% and export prices by 3.8% compared to August 2016, the Statistics Department of the Ministry of the National Economy said.

In the reporting month, the prices for commodity imports went up by 3.5% and for commodity exports by 4.5%. Prices for imported semi-finished products rose by 9.6% and for exported ones by 3.2%. Prices for imported finished products increased by 6.6%, while those for exported items decreased by 0.3%.

As of August 2017, import prices have risen by 3.5% and export prices by 5.1% since December 2016.

August 2017 saw an increase in export prices for ferroalloys (up 48.4%), copper ores (up 16.4%), zinc (7.4%), coal (up 6.4%), rolled ferrous metals (5.3%), and lead (2.9%), while prices for manganese ores dropped by 31.6%.

In the reporting month, exported cotton became 7.5% more expensive, while wool became 5.9% cheaper and wheat 2% cheaper.

In August 2017, import prices rose for coffee (up 16.9%), tea (up 12.2%), dairy products (up 9.8%), poultry (up 3.4%), macaroni (up 2.9%), and rice (up 1.6%), while vegetables became 43.2% cheaper and fruit and nuts 4.3% cheaper. Prices for plastics increased by 12.9%, leather by 11.2%, paper by 5.5%, and timber by 5.1%.