18 Oct 2017 09:18

Kyiv accuses Hungary of spreading false information about Ukraine's education law

KYIV. Oct 18 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Education and Science Minister Lilia Hrynevych has accused Hungary of being politically motivated in the evaluation of the language of education article of Ukraine's new education law.

"We have found ourselves in a situation when Hungary is investing a lot of energy and resources in spreading false information about Ukraine's plans for the implementation of Article 7 [on the language of education]. I understand that they are going through an election period and are actually campaigning on our territory, as Ukrainian citizens from the Hungarian minority vote in their election," the ministry cited Hrynevych as saying at a meeting with Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Gert Antsu.

These political reasons should not interfere with pedagogical objectives, i.e. the need to improve the quality of education and to study the official language in schools of national minorities, Hrynevych said.

Estonia, which is currently presiding at the European Council, has a similar system of teaching the official language and languages of national minorities, she said.

"It is important to us to hold consultations with you, a country which has a system of teaching the official language in schools of national minorities similar to what we are proposing. It is crucial to us to inform our European colleagues that the way proposed by Ukraine is the same model, which is already in effect in EU member countries. We would also like to hear your recommendations as on how we can convey our stance to the partners in a comprehensible way," Hrynevych said.