18 Oct 2017 19:07

Moscow mufti warns that foreign radical preachers want to sway CIS Muslim space

TASHKENT. Oct 18 (Interfax) - Albir Krganov, mufti of Moscow and the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims and a member of the Public Chamber, has spoken about dangers coming from foreign Islamic preachers in former Soviet republics.

"We have passed serious strength tests, when foreign marginal elements and hired persons used the good name of religion to divide our fatherlands, when they tried to destroy our countries. We understand that they still have this appetite; there are forces that want to sway the CIS space, reform people's consciousness, especially that of our young people," the mufti said at an international conference on science and religion in Tashkent.

In this regard, the mufti said he believes it is vital that Muslims "gather under the slogan of solidarity, as has always happened in our history."

There is an increase in Islamphobia and conflicts in the world, and attempts are being made to use Islam to achieve political ends, to justify extremism and terrorism, which "makes it possible for destructive forces to show Islam as an aggressive, cruel religion," he said.

Krganov called on Muslims "to act as a united front" against extremism and terrorism and "consolidate our efforts in the fight against pseudo-religious extremism, religious ignorance, and militant secularism."

"We are destined by fate and history to live together, and that makes us strong. Our foes understand that, and they are doing everything to divide us, but, Allah willing, they won't be able to do so, because we have bitter experience obtained through suffering and immunity, our growing Islamic solidarity," he said.