19 Oct 2017 11:12

Sobchak campaign makes election palette more diverse - United Russia

MOSCOW. Oct 18 (Interfax) - The participation by TV host Ksenia Sobchak in the Russian presidential elections may make the election palette more diverse, United Russia General Council deputy secretary and State Duma member Yevgeny Revenko said.

"The broader the election palette the better. Better for voters," Revenko wrote on his Facebook page.

"Not a lot is known about Ksenia's political program," he said.

He believes Sobchak "will essentially start everything from scratch, with the understanding that Ksenia formed her audience a long time ago, when she was an outstanding host on the talk show Dom 2."

"Ksenia Sobchak, like any other citizen of Russia who has reached the age of 35, has a passive right to put forth her candidacy in the presidential elections. And run," Revenko said.

It is also important that "Ksenia Anatolyevna has no obstacles for that," he said.