19 Oct 2017 17:03

Sechin for focusing on lowering share of coal generation, not restricting internal combustion engines

VERONA. Oct 19 (Interfax) - Rosneft chief Igor Sechin thinks it would better to lower the share of power generated by coal than on restricting the use of internal combustion engines.

"I'll allow myself a question for general discussion: would it not be better for regulators to focus more on lowering the share of coal generation and increasing the use of highly ecological fuel such as gas and nuclear power than on restricting the use of internal combustion engines and uneconomical measures to dispense with them? Where are the regulatory measures to resolve these issues? After all, the consumer ultimately pays for any ill-considered decisions, and today that price is high enough," Sechin said at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona.

"In addition, accelerated development of electric cars, when the marginal source of electricity in many developing countries is coal-fired, could result in the transition to electric cars causing more environmental damage than the status quo. Questions concerning the safe production and utilization of electric motors, quality and durability, and battery power and reliability of operation haven't been fully resolved yet," he said.