20 Oct 2017 20:00

Moldovan presidential rep in Constitutional Court demands recall of all its judges

CHISINAU. Oct 20 (Interfax) - Moldovam presidential advisor for legal issues, presidential representative in the Moldovan Constitutional Court Maxim Lebedinsky has demanded the recall of all of the court's judges.

On Friday the court is handling a motion of the government about the delegation of the presidential right to appoint the defense minister to the speaker of parliament.

"The president does not have confidence in the Constitutional Court," Lebedinsky said at a session of the court.

He substantiated his demand by the announcement of parliamentary speaker Andrian Candu that parliament representatives had held consultations with the Constitutional Court.

"This announcement indicates that the Constitutional Court is conducting some separate consultations with parliament before officially considering the motion at a public session. In line with law Constitutional Court judges don't have the right to state their opinions on such issues. In these circumstances we demand the recall of the entire Constitutional Court," Lebedinsky said.

Judge Igor Dolia in the course of the hearing said: "In conformity with law it is possible to demand the recall of some one judge or another upon producing corresponding evidence, but it is impossible to demand the recall of the entire court without producing any evidence of the breach of law by the judges."

A break was announced in the session of the Constitutional Court to handle the motion after which the court's judgment on the issue will be announced.