25 Oct 2017 13:07

Russian National Guard against free arms turnover in country - Zolotov

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) - Russians are not prepared for free turnover of arms, with control being tightened instead, Russian National Guard Director Viktor Zolotov said at the Federation Council.

"Some say that weapons should be given to all, but some are against this. I want to say that we are against the proliferation of weapons, since our society is neither psychologically nor economically prepared for this," Zolotov said.

People who may use weapons to resolve household problems constitute a potential danger, he said.

"All of us watch TV and see what happens among drivers sometimes; this is why we are trying to tighten control over weapons, including pneumatic and non-lethal guns," he said.

Non-lethal weapons with a capacity exceeding 3.5 joules are dangerous to human life and health, Zolotov said.

"So, we will be tightening [arms control]," he said.