25 Oct 2017 18:22

B&N Bank had 43.9 bln rubles positive equity on Oct 1

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) - B&N Bank had positive equity of 43.9 billion rubles on October 1, the bank said in reporting for the Central Bank.

Equity halved from 94.3 billion rubles on September 1.

The Central Bank said on September 21 that was bailing out B&N Bank and Rost Bank via its Banking Sector Consolidation Fund. Prior to that, Rost Bank was being bailed out by Mikail Shishkhanov, the core owner of B&N bank.

Rost Bank said in reporting that it had negative equity of 171.6 billion rubles on October 1.

B&N Bank had net losses of almost 32 billion rubles in January-September, including 33.2 billion rubles in Q3. Rost Bank had 82.8 bln rubles losses in 9M, including 82.6 billion rubles in Q3.