26 Oct 2017 12:22

Moscow City Court dismisses appeal of arrest of Col. Zakharchenko, accused of corruption

MOSCOW. Oct 26 (Interfax) - The Moscow City Court has deemed lawful the arrest of Dmitry Zakharchenko, a colonel of the Russian Interior Ministry accused of corruption, until December, an Interfax correspondent has reported.

"[It is decided] to leave the Moscow City Court's ruling of August 30 unchanged and to dismiss the appeal," the court's appeal chamber said on Thursday.

Zakharchenko will remain incarcerated until December 9.

Zakharchenko, the former acting head of the T Division of the Russian Interior Ministry's Anti-Corruption Department, was charged with taking large bribes, including 7 million rubles from the former head and co-owner of Rusengineering, Anatoly Pshegornitsky, $800,000 from the restaurateur Medi Duss, and 3.5 million rubles from the same man in the form of a discount card for the restaurant La Maree.

Zakharchenko was also charged with abuse of office and obstructing justice by warning Larisa Marchukova, the sister of Nota Bank CFO Galina Marchukova, of impending searches.

According to his lawyer, Zakharchenko has been accused of another instance of corruption, whose specifics have not been disclosed.

Zakharchenko was taken into custody on September 10, 2016. His home and office were searched, and 9 billion rubles in Russian and foreign currencies was seized.

The Prosecutor General's Office filed a request with Moscow's Nikulinsky District Court in October to seize the assets of the colonel and of certain people close to him.