26 Oct 2017 18:04

Runet security should be increased, but not through restricted access for people - Putin

MOSCOW. Oct 26 (Interfax) - It is necessary to increase the security of the Internet's Russian segment and take stringent action against persons using it for criminal purposes, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"The security and stability of the Russian Internet segment's infrastructure should be increased, and if necessary, additional regulatory acts [should] be adopted, let us today discuss which ones exactly. I would like to point out that it cannot involve restricted access for law-abiding people to Internet resources and some complete barriers and filters," Putin said at the Russian Security Council meeting.

Putin pointed to the need of strict compliance with and respect for the constitutional right to receive and impart information.

"But, as in other democratic countries, we should fight against those who use the information space for propaganda of radical ideas, justification of terrorism, extremism and resolutely prevent attempts to publish materials threatening the security of our state, society and individual citizens," Putin said.

He recalled that responsibility for organizing websites promoting suicide among children and teenagers was tightened through legislative measures, law enforcement agencies and security services have began to detect and prevent activities of recruiters to terrorist groups, including ISIL (banned in Russia), more often this year.

"Stringent measures within the law should also be taken against other individuals and groups using the Internet and the information space for criminal purposes," Putin said.