30 Oct 2017 16:16

Syrian opposition awaiting Moscow's information on prisoner swap

ASTANA. Oct 30 (Interfax) - The Syrian opposition has yet to receive information on exchange of prisoners, Syrian opposition representative Yahya al-Aridi said.

"We were told at the sixth round of Astana talks that this document [on prisoner release] will be discussed with the regime and then Mr. [Alexander] Lavrentyev will return from Damascus with an answer to this question before the seventh round of Astana talks. We still have not received any information on this issue," al-Aridi told Interfax on Monday

"As we know, Lavrentyev visited Damascus. And we don't know whether or not this issue was discussed. At any rate, I think we will hear from Russia in this regard," al-Aridi said.

The prisoner issue will be a priority at the seventh round of Astana talks, he said.

"Prisoner-release issues are the priority. They number up to 250,000-300,000. They were held forcibly, not captured in combat. In other words, they were seized during home raids. Many of them died of torture," al-Aridi said.