30 Oct 2017 17:24

Egypt planning to sign agreement on implementing nuclear program soon - Energy Minister

ABU DHABI. Oct 30 (Interfax) - Egypt is planning to sign an agreement on the implementation of its nuclear program in the near future.

Cairo made significant progress in talks with Russia on the subject of building the country's first Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the Egyptian Electricity and Renewable Energy Minister Mohamed Shaker said at the International Atomic Energy Agency's ministerial conference on Monday.

"We made significant strides in the preparation of all strategic agreements [regarding the construction of a NPP in Egypt] with our strategic partner, Russia. We have also completed all technical, financial and legal aspects," he said.

Shaker said that Egypt decided to build an NPP due to the need to redress the energy balance to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and to save hydrocarbons which the country has earmarked for petrochemicals. "We have few traditional sources of electricity generation. The potential of hydro energy is gradually waning. Following the adoption of a special plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions we stopped using coal plants, however, energy consumption will grow," the minister said.

In this regard, the development of nuclear energy is important for Egypt. "I hope that we will sign a comprehensive, integrated agreement on the implementation of the Egyptian nuclear program," Shaker said.