3 Nov 2017 15:25

Presidential support for NGOs increases sevenfold over 5 years- Putin

MOSCOW. Nov 3 (Interfax) - Non-governmental organizations received some 22 billion rubles in presidential grants over the past five years, and almost 80% of the requests granted were filed by NGOs in Russia's regions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We will undoubtedly continue creating favorable conditions for the development of the non-commercial sector. As you know, the amount of presidential grant programs for NGOs increased considerably, sevenfold in the past five years. A total of 22 billion rubles was used for these purposes," Putin said at the Community citizens' forum on Friday.

One billion rubles was provided for these purposes in 2012, while over seven billion rubles was provided this year, he said. He also said the procedure for competing for funds has become more convenient for NGOs, and interaction with the Presidential Grant Foundation now takes place mainly electronically.

"In my view, the red tape has been minimized, at least at this stage. This approach is working," Putin said.

Over 16,000 requests were made in 2017, he said. "What is especially important and especially pleasant is that these are mainly from the Russian regions. I won't deny that previously most [of the money] went to Moscow, but now the situation has changed: over 70%, almost 80% of requests granted are from the regions," Putin said.