4 Nov 2017 15:09

Some 200 people participate in nationalist rally in southeastern Moscow - police

MOSCOW. Nov 4 (Interfax) - An authorized rally of nationalists on Moscow's Pererva Street has concluded, about 200 people participated in it, the police said.

"The procession marking Unity Day celebrations, authorized by Moscow authorities, has concluded in the city's southeast. Some 200 people participated in the event," the Russian Interior Ministry's main department for Moscow said in a statement on its website on Saturday.

Police officials, alongside Rosgvardiya representatives and volunteer patrol, ensured public order, the statement said.

Meanwhile, organizers of the Russian March reported that 25 participants in the procession have been detained.

"We told all supporters that the march had been cancelled and we were packing up all flags and leaving, at the same time I allowed people's participation in the event, but in the format of a walk. As a result, some people carrying imperial flags, no more than 200, went for a walk. The rest were driven away and even detained later. There are approximately 25 people in two police vans," Roman Kovalyov, one of the organizers of the march, told Interfax.

Organizers announced the cancellation of the march after policemen did not allow people carrying banners participate in it, he said.

"Although all those banners were authorized by the mayor's and prefect's offices," he said.