7 Nov 2017 18:33

Communist Party rally participants demand November 7 again be made public holiday again

MOSCOW. Nov 7 (Interfax) - At a Russian Communist Party rally marking the centenary of the October Revolution those assembled demanded that November 7 again be made an official public holiday.

The relevant provision forms part of a resolution adopted unanimously by the demonstrators.

"We resolutely demand that the day of November 7 be returned its status as the public holiday of Great October," Vladimir Rodin, the party's Moscow committee secretary, read out the resolution to demonstrators' boisterous applause.

The rally took place in Revolution Square. Among its participants are Gennady Zyuganov, the party's chairman and faction leader in the State Duma, representatives of 120 political parties from over 80 countries, 20 international democratic organizations and a number of other left-wing parties and movements, who have arrived in the Russian capital to attend festivities marking the 100th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution.

Among the demonstrators are the Communist party's central and Moscow city committees, the Movement in Support of the Army, the Union of Soviet Officers, the Hope of Russia all-Russian women's movement, the Leninist Communist Union of Youth, and other left-wing parties and movements, the party's spokesperson said. Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov also attended.