7 Nov 2017 21:44

Syrian experience enables Russian army to master new forms of combat operations - General Staff

MOSCOW. Nov 7 (Interfax) - The Russian army is mastering new forms of applying troops and conducting combat operations more actively on the basis of Syrian combat experience, the Russian Armed Forces' General Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov said at a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry's board on Tuesday.

"Combat experience gained in Syria has intensified development and mastery of new forms of applying the Armed Forces, means of conducting operations and combat activities. First and foremost, it applies to using precision weapons," Gerasimov said.

Broad equipping of troops with long-range precision weapon systems, an increase in range and accuracy of firepower means "enabled changing approaches to deterring enemies from unleashing aggression against Russia," he said.

"Apart from that, mass use of precision weapons became an integral part of all operations of the Armed Forces. New ways of long-distance targeted strikes on the enemy, conduct of combat operations using scout-attack and reconnaissance-fire complexes are being developed and mastered at the tactical level," Gerasimov said.

The Russian Army takes into consideration not only its Syrian experience, but also experience from other wars and military conflicts, he said.