10 Nov 2017 18:52

Terrorism sponsors in Afghanistan aim at C. Asian countries - Afghan FM Rabbani

SAMARKAND, Uzbekistan. Nov 10 (Interfax) - Security issues in Afghanistan concern not only this country itself but also its neighbors, Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani said.

Speaking at an international conference on cooperation and security in the region in Uzbekistan's Samarkand on Friday, Rabbani said that, while Afghanistan has changed over the past several years, threats to its security have not been eliminated.

"It should be understood that there is no civil war in Afghanistan, but there are countries and forces financing terrorists. They obstruct our development and international cooperation and use our country to take aim at other countries in Central Asia," he said.

This situation shows that all countries are interrelated when the matter concerns security, both in the region and worldwide, he said.

"We are actually facing a problem that is common for the entire region. These problems may cross the borders of Central Asian countries and go farther," he said.

Resolution of these problems requires consolidation of efforts and exchange of information important for fighting terrorism, he said.

"Sponsors of terrorists and extremists are aiming at people who can be brainwashed. We should oppose these actions and make our society less vulnerable," Rabbani said.

Samarkand is hosting an international conference titled 'Central Asia: One Past and a Common Future, Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Mutual Prosperity', which opened on Friday.