14 Nov 2017 18:32

Anonymous bomb threat calls in Moscow came from Turkey, Ukraine, U.S., Japan - Moscow city police chief

MOSCOW. Nov 14 (Interfax) - Most of the numerous anonymous bomb threat calls that were recently received in Moscow came from Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, and Japan, the head of the Russian Interior Ministry Department for Moscow, Oleg Baranov, said.

"All of the numerous calls were made using Internet telephony. The addresses were located mostly in the territories of Turkey, Ukraine, the U.S., and Japan," Baranov said at the Moscow City Duma on Tuesday.

This factor makes it impossible to swiftly suppress such calls, he said.

All of the messages have been similar, Baranov said.

"These messages come in droves from several groups of individuals," he said.

Over 30 crimes related to "telephone terrorism" have been solved this year, and ten criminal cases have been forwarded to courts, he said.

"Criminal cases have been opened over 156 crimes involving deliberate false reports of acts of terrorism, and 85 such reports were made via the telephone. Thirty-two such crimes have been solved, and 34 individuals identified," Baranov said.

"Ten criminal cases related to crimes committed by telephone have been sent to courts," he said.