17 Nov 2017 17:15

Same forces that sparked war in Syria trying to do harm to Lebanon - Lebanese FM

MOSCOW. Nov 17 (Interfax) - The same forces that sparked the war in Syria and are sponsoring terrorists in the Middle East are trying to destabilize the situation in Lebanon, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said.

"The same forces that sparked the war in Syria, those who nurture terrorists, they are now trying to do harm to Lebanon," Bassil told Interfax on Friday.

The minister said he "would not name specific countries."

Destabilization of the situation in his country may influence the entire Middle East, as well as Russia, the Lebanese foreign minister said.

"Russia has to continue fighting against extremism and work on stability [in the Middle East]. The events happening in Lebanon are undermining stability in the country," he said.

"There are many ways to undermine it, such as political action, [steps] in the fields of financing and security. If stability in Lebanon is undermined, it will influence the entire region, including Russia, it means all of us will be affected," Bassil said.