20 Nov 2017 16:31

Syrian opposition forces have yet to receive National Dialogue Congress invitations

MOSCOW. Nov 20 (Interfax) - The organizers of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress have not yet sent out formal invitations indicating the date of the event, representatives from various Syrian opposition groups told Interfax.

Syrian National Council leader Ilian Maasad said his party has not yet been invited.

"We have not yet received invitations. We only heard about the date of the Congress from the media," he told Interfax.

The opposition's Moscow group representative Qadri Jamil also said that his group was still waiting for an invitation to the Congress.

"We expressed our desire to attend the Congress, sent a list and are awaiting invitations," he said, noting that he only heard about December 2 as the date of the congress from the media.

For his part, Yahya al-Aridi, an advisor with the High Negotiations Committee, confirmed this information. "There has been no official announcement [of the date], no invitation," he said.

Free Syrian Army representative Col. Fares al Babesh also said that he was yet to receive notification as to the date and get his formal invitation.