21 Nov 2017 16:00

Putin's press conference due to take place on Dec 14 - Kremlin

MOSCOW. Nov 21 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin's press conference is due to take place on December 14, with press accreditation already announced, the Kremlin said in a statement on Tuesday.

Russian journalists registered with Roskomnadzor and foreign journalists accredited with the Russian Foreign Ministry can submit their applications. Accreditation ends at 5 p.m. on December 1, 2017.

Journalists can apply for accreditation only on the www.kremlin.ru website. The filing of an application does not mean the accreditation will be granted automatically, the Kremlin said.

The list of accredited journalists will be published on the www.kremlin.ru website in advance, the statement said.

This will be Putin's 13th press conference, in which the president speaks with reporters on a number of pressing subjects for several hours.

Traditionally, this kind of communication between Putin and the press lasts for hours: a record was set in 2008, when the press conference continued for four hours and 40 minutes and the president answered over 100 questions. The 2016 press conference was three hours and 50 minutes long, with Putin answering 62 questions.