30 Nov 2017 14:26

Russian subs spend over 3,000 days at sea in 2017; all Navy ships, 17,000 days

MOSCOW. Nov 30 (Interfax) - The Russian Navy's ships spent more than 17,000 days on the high seas this year, Navy Commander Adm. Vladimir Korolyov said at an expanded meeting of the Navy's Military Board.

"Combat surface ships and submarines of the Navy's fleets successfully ensured their presence in the World Ocean in 2017. Submarines spent over 3,000 days on the high seas in 2017, while the total time spent at sea by all types of ships of the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea, and Baltic Fleets, and the Caspian Flotilla exceeded 17,000 days," Korolyov said.

For the purpose of developing the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic in general, ships of the Northern Fleet finished working out issues related to the landing of Arctic brigade units on beaches and islands of Arctic archipelagos and using missiles in the Arctic in October, Navy spokesman Igor Dygalo quoted Korolyov as saying.

Meanwhile, Baltic Fleet servicemen and coastal rocket and artillery forces had their first drill practicing the deterrence of landing teams of a mock enemy by means of consecutive missile strikes delivered by homogenous attack forces from various directions.

The Pacific Fleet command organized and successfully held a bilateral tactical drill with Pacific Fleet units to practice defending bases and sea lines of communication.